Comfort Measures Classes

Comfort measures help promote a natural labour, help you avoid medications and decrease interventions, reduce pain, help you labour more comfortably and enable you to effectively support your partner through childbirth.

Dr. Jodi Lesage is a chiropractor and doula in Ottawa with years of experience.  In this class you will learn easy and effective techniques to promote easier labour and birth with physical comfort measures and positioning. This class is ideal for those wanting to avoid medications and interventions but is also helpful for those who are planning a hospital birth with an epidural.  There may be hours at home and even at the hospital during early labour when no other options are available to you for pain control.  These techniques will give you the tools you need to manage early labour no matter whether you plan to give birth at home, birth centre or hospital.  Being calm, feeling well supported and knowing that you have tools to help yourself can make labour easier, more bearable and provides significant comfort.


The double hip squeeze is highly effective during contractions

This one hour class includes:

•hands on demonstration by Dr. Lesage on your partner and you

•helpful feedback from Dr. Lesage and your partner

•lots of opportunity to practice and gain significant confidence in your ability to help your partner through labour

cropped out garbage can

Counter pressure on the sacrum decreases the intensity of the contraction.

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